Everything You Know About Marketing Is WRONG!

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on 2018-04-16

6 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on 2018-08-10

6 Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement

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Learn How To Earn Money For Real

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on 2018-07-15

Learn How To Earn Money For Real

Most people are getting up in​ the​ morning and heading out to​ work. They get in​ their car or​ get on​ the​ bus and head to​ an​ office where they put in​ the​ necessary amount of​ hours. They come home at​ the​ end of​ the​ day and go to​ bed and then get up and do it​ all over again.

For some people that works,​ but increasingly more and more people are finding that they need more suppleness that the​ traditional job can offer. They may be stay at​ home parents seeking to​ add to​ the​ family income or​ they may just prefer to​ avoid what they consider to​ be the​ sameness of​ the​ 9-5 job. Either way,​ people are finding out how to​ earn money in​ a​ different ways.

Stay at​ home moms make their children a​ right of​ way but often they find it​ necessary to​ supplement the​ family income. Many want to​ find out how to​ earn money from home and still be able to​ care for their children. And they are doing it,​ too. Some aren’t just supplementing the​ family income but they are replacing it. They are finding new ways of​ working from home and they are teaching other how to​ earn money in​ ways they’ve never imagined.

Others have learned how to​ earn money while still working a​ day job. They may do this for the​ time being as​ a​ way to​ save up for a​ vacation or​ a​ big payment that they normally couldn’t afford. Stay at​ home moms aren’t they only ones discovering how to​ earn money in​ a​ way that is​ more convenient for them.

Dads,​ singles,​ and grandparents are learning how to​ earn money and they are teaching others how to​ do it​ as​ well. Many times people will object with the​ excuse that they just don’t like selling things. Selling is​ not the​ only option for making money though. People are making money through websites,​ doing surveys,​ or​ offering services for things they enjoy doing anyway.

There are many ways to​ earn money. Look into the​ options that are available before you settle on​ something. Talk to​ others in​ chat rooms and in​ forums about how to​ earn money. There are many online who have been doing this for some time and most of​ them are quite happy to​ share what they know. Ask questions. Get details. Think carefully before you choose. if​ you don’t rush into anything you’re more likely to​ find a​ way to​ make money that you’ll enjoy and will be profitable for years to​ come.



10 lessons I learned running a small business

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I’ve always wanted to run my own business. Like most business owners I did worry at first that it may not work out, but I’ve always had the composure to back myself, work hard, and if necessary adapt what I was doing to be successful.

However as I soon learned, nothing can really prepare you for getting down in the trenches, rolling up your sleeves and working on growing and refining your business into a functional and profitable organism.

In this article, I’m going to share with you 10 lessons I’ve learned from running a small business. Some of these lessons I learned fast, some the hard way, and others through persistence, but all of them were invaluable and I know you’ll find them useful if you’re getting ready to fly solo!

1. Everything in business is a silo

One of the most important things I’ve learned in business is that each component of your business is separate, yet needs to work together. For example, if you’re marketing your business on social media don’t sign up for every social channel and do a half-baked job on each, dominate one or two and make sure they support what you do. If you’re selling a product or service, offer a top-notch service in that area provided it fits in with your overall business model. These days’ business is competitive and you need to stand out, so work with this mantra in mind and you’ll do well.

2. Search marketing is vitally important

I’ve long been an advocate of organic and paid search engine marketing, content marketing and growing your brand on Google. If you’re not spending time investing in this area of your business it’s not too late. Search marketing is an infinitely powerful way of driving new business and all business owners should consider this as part of their marketing strategy.

3. Customer service is really important

I run a digital agency in Brisbane and it’s surprising to me how many agencies in our space don’t prioritise customer service…after all, your customers are your life-line. The “one-time sale” approach is crazy. If you’re going to be successful, you need to build a partnership with each of your customers over time if you’re going to grow your business. Look at why to continue to add value to your customers through customer service and ongoing opportunities to work together as a general rule.

4. Corporate culture is king

When I used to work for companies as an employee I’d see one or two individuals in a workplace completely poison the corporate culture of an organisation. These day’s it’s no longer OK to hire on smarts alone, the corporate fit of an individual really matters. If you can’t find the balance between productivity and enjoyment of having someone in your team all week, you need to reassess who’s part of your team.

5. Business is an ever-evolving organism

Since launching my business I have revised our product offering three times and am always tweaking what we do. It’s not necessarily about profitability, just fit for us, what we’re best at, and what we enjoy offering our customers. One thing for sure is that everything we do is under the microscope. If it doesn’t make the grade, we’ll drop it and are not afraid to do so if it means we head in the right direction as a company.

6. Branding is not only cool but sells

You’ve probably heard that website visitors only stay on your site for a couple of seconds before they decide to either stay or go. This is the perfect analogy when it comes to attracting new business with your brand. We recently went through a brand refresh and chose not to cut corners. The results have really been positive and is something I strongly recommend investing in. We’re now able to compete in arenas we could not before and a lot of this is due to our flashy new branding.

7. Surround yourself with experts smarter than you

I consider myself a pretty good Internet marketer and developer, but there are definitely elements of the digital landscape where I just don’t make the grade. One of the best decisions I have made in my time as a small business owner is to hire experts in niche areas. It doesn’t matter what the area, there’ll be an expert you can talk to. If you take the philosophy of always trying to do the best possible job when you undertake a task in your business you’ll do well.

8. Most things should be ROI-based

I’ve worked for large organisations in the past who were totally focused on ‘the doing’ rather than ‘the outcome’, and this seems crazy to me? If I’m going to do something in business there needs to be a really good reason why. Either it’s part of a larger whole with an end-game or has a direct positive return on my investment. I love numbers and analytics so this may explain my OCD towards this attitude, but when you really think about it, in business everything needs an end-game? You can’t just punch out your hours if you’re intending on being around next year.

9. Your partner companies and network is gold

I have a handful of companies and people in my network that I really trust, love what they do, and enjoy being around. These people all add something to my company and life and I hope I do the same to theirs. My advice is to be picky with who you let into your world as there are a lot of ‘all-so-rounds’ that talk a big game that don’t necessarily deliver. If your gut is a little unsure about something or someone, do your research…it could save you a lot of heartaches.

10. I search out the ‘superstars in given niches’

I’ve never been someone to have a mentor that I can touch base with personally to discuss business issues. I have however always been a life-long learner and found the Internet a great place to find good advice and people I can reach out to if needed.

I have a few people I follow online who have really added a lot of value to my business. From Internet marketing to accountancy, to structuring my company and product offerings, you can uncover some amazing truths in business by doing your research from this ‘superstars in their niches’.

If you’re looking for advice on a given topic and are hearing a few different answers, keep looking for that really compelling source. This can make a huge difference to your business.

About the author

Paul Dunstone is the founder and Managing Director of OSE, a Brisbane-based digital agency that offers web development, app development, CMS solutions and cloud hosting services.

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8 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In A Hurry

Posted by Dr. Karl Ruegg on

8 Legit Ways To Make Money Online In A Hurry

You need money. You don’t have a lot of time to get it together. So, many of the options available to you online are no good.

What’s the point in signing up to get paid in 3 months or a year? That money’s not going to help with your immediate issue. So, why bother?

Well, it is possible to make some fast money online.

You definitely aren’t going to get rich on this, but it may help you sort out a minor financial emergency.

Swagbucks Pays Out in 10 Days!

Actually, sometimes they can pay out faster than 10 days even though their terms and conditions say that they can’t! How? Don’t get paid in cash. Opt for Paypal money, Amazon vouchers, or gift cards from major brands. These don’t have the same restrictions as a cash payout and you can earn these bonuses quickly.

Swagbucks is also a major brand. You know you’re going to get paid for what you do.

Pinecone Will Turn Around Cash In 24 Hours!

We’ve found that our readers absolutely love Pinecone Research when we post a referral link – it’s the most popular click on MoneyNuts. Why? We think it has to do with getting paid the day after you complete a survey.

However, be warned – you can’t be certain that they’ll have a survey the day you sign up, it may take a week or two to find the right survey for you. So, it can be very fast money or middling fast money if you’re not so lucky.

Ibotta – You Can’t Beat 5 Minutes To Cash Out

Don’t go crazy. Ibotta is a cash back application; so, you have to spend money to make money. However, you can do your grocery shopping using Ibotta and we’ve all got to eat, right? That means you can get some cash back really quickly from them.

How fast? Let’s say 5 minutes. That seems to be about the average time from asking them to pay the money into my PayPal and it arriving! This is one last codicil here – you need a minimum Ibotta balance of $20 to cash out, and some weeks it can be hard to get to that number.

Daily Wages From Transcribe Me

I am not going to lie to you – this isn’t easy work and the hourly rate is pretty low. However, you can earn fast on Transcribe Me as long as you can type accurately when listening to a recording. They pay $20 per audio hour (this will take 2-3 hours of actual work to produce) and they pay next day on any balance over $1.

You will have to take an unpaid skills test to get started but after that – you’re looking at rapid cash in the bank. Don’t make this a long-term gig though; you can do better.

Amazon’s Mechanical Turk Is Pretty Quick

Mechanical Turk, like Transcribe Me, doesn’t pay a great hourly rate but it has more work on offer than Transcribe Me and you don’t have to be a fast, accurate typist to get paid. They will pay out to your bank as long as you have more than $1 in your account with them – however, it takes 2-3 days to get there.

I’ve found you can make $10-$20 a day on Mechanical Turk. It really is a bad idea to do this long-term, you have much more potential but if you need cash fast – it’s one of the easiest ways to get some.

Rate Music For Money With Slice The Pie

Slice the Pie pays you to review music by the track. You get a few cents per song you review. The site then pays out in cash twice a week on Tuesday and Friday.

The downsides? The hourly rate is really bad. It’s worse than Transcribe Me by a long way and it’s even worse than Mechanical Turk. But, they are reliable and it’s not an unpleasant way to make a little extra coin for the week.

InstaGC Also Pays Out Rapidly

We recommend InstaGC to a lot of people and that’s because their rewards program is quite generous and there are a lot of activities to make a little extra money on. You can do surveys, watch videos or listen to music and earn on any of these tasks.

Credit payments to gift cards are instantly redeemable and you have so many gift card providers to choose from. Cash payouts are a bit slower though and you should expect to wait a week or two if you want to get paid in cash.

Get Paid By QMEE In An Instant When You Search The Web

We like QMEE. It’s a simple thing to keep in the background and get paid every time that you search the Internet. It’s fair to say that nobody is going to become a QMEE millionaire, payouts are not huge and you’re going to need to surf the net for a while to be eligible to cash out.

It’s worth noting that QMEE pays really quickly. If you ask for cash from them – it’s in your PayPal a few seconds/minutes later. You can’t say fairer than that, really.

Overall, I recommend all of these sites for some quick cash and to get your seed money together to do something better. Please, don’t look at them as a long-term career but if you want to earn in your spare time and do something relatively easy, they’re all big companies with solid track records of paying out quickly.




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